Ozil criticism wrong says WEnger
Ozil criticism wrong says Wenger

Arsene Wenger has responded to the criticism that Arsenal’s £42.5m record signing Mesut Ozil has received saying it is “very harsh”.

Wenger said: “People are very harsh with Ozil because he’s a player who’s always very easy on his play but when you watch the game again after, the next day, you see what a player he is. Everything he does is intelligent.”

“The timing of everything he does is absolutely perfect. You never catch him giving the ball too late. The number of players you catch giving the ball too late is unbelievable. You never get that with Ozil.”

“The timing, he’s like a guy who plays the music, the timing of what he does is perfect, you don’t get many players like that.”

“He is not getting enough praise. He came back as a World Cup winner. He played all seven games. He played some good games. He will never be a tackler.”

“They have the same debate in Germany but at end of the day he was always in the team.”

On his performances this season against Everton and Besiktas, Wenger added.

“Ozil came back on the 11th August and he played second game by August 26th already so he will come back to his best after three or four weeks, when he will be at his best again.”