Arsene Wenger on diving
Even I could see that was a dive ref!

Arsene Wenger has weighed into the ‘simulation’ controversy by calling on the Football Association (FA) to set up a review panel with the power to ban players who dive.

Arsenal manager Wenger believes that retrospective action is required against players who are play acting to win free kicks, penalties and to get opponents sent off.

The issue of diving has been highlighted once again in the Premier League after three Chelsea players, Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa and Willian, were all booked for ‘simulation’ this month.

Chelsea defenders Gary Cahill and Branislav Ivanovic have been accused of diving by opposition managers in recent matches.

Whilst Jose Mourinho believes that there is now a campaign against his team.

“I’m against diving,” Wenger told reporters. “We should punish it after the game. The problem will be to decide when it was obvious diving or not. That’s a big issue and sometimes it’s not obvious,” the Gunners manager added.

“Punish only obvious cases but not mixed ones. “You have to suspend the players, I don’t know how long. It depends. I am not a specialist in this kind of thing.

“But the only way that the players will stop doing it, is if they feel they can get punished. Whether it is Arsenal, or Manchester United, or Liverpool or Chelsea, it is for everybody the same.”