FA fine Arsenal for breaking agent regulations during Chambers transfer
FA fine Arsenal for breaking agent regulations during Chambers transfer

Arsenal have been fined £60,000 by the FA for breaking agent regulations during the transfer of Calum Chambers from Southampton.

The Gunners signed Chambers from the Saints for a fee of £16m in July 2014.

Arsenal have been fined for failing to carry out the necessary checks on a third-party agent, involved in brokering the deal, named as Philip Ercolano.

The FA claim that Ercolano played a “significant” role in negotiations despite being an unlicensed and unauthorised agent.

In the FA’s written reasons for the punishment, Craig Moore, Chairman of the Independent Regulatory Commission, said:

“The breaches in this case were serious. They were committed in the context of a high value and high-profile transfer, generating significant transfer and agency fees.

“Such transfers are conducted in the full glare of the media and attract greater attention and scrutiny.

“Ultimately, though, the most significant factor for us to take into account when considering the sanctions to be imposed for a breach of the Regulations is the seriousness of the breaches and degree of culpability of the Participants, together with any other relevant aggravating and/or mitigating factors.”

Arsenal responded to the punishment by releasing a club statement which reads:

“We acted in good faith throughout in this transfer and had no reason to believe that the player’s representative was not authorised to be involved in the transfer negotiations.

“The FA fully recognised that there was no intention to mislead on Arsenal’s part. We have improved our procedures to prevent this happening again.”