Arsenal prospering on and off the pitch
Arsenal prospering on and off the pitch

Deloitte’s new report reveals that English Premier League clubs made record revenues and profits in 2013-14, as increased TV monies and Financial Fair Play rules took effect.

The report says combined revenues of the clubs rose by 29% to £3.26bn, with pre-tax profits of £187m.

Revenues were more than in Spain and Italy’s top divisions combined.

The Premier League also generated in excess of £1bn more in revenues than its nearest rival, Germany’s Bundesliga.

Premier League Finances 2013/14 – key statistics from Deloitte report

  • Club revenues ranged from £433m (Manchester United) to £83m (Cardiff City)
  • Combined broadcast revenue up by 48%
  • Commercial revenue rose by £135m to £884m
  • Matchday revenues increased by 5% to £616m
  • Net debt was down by 6% to £2.4bn
  • Club wage bills increased by 7%
  • 19 of the 20 clubs made an operating profit
  • 14 of the 20 made a pre-tax profit
  • The first season since 2004/05 in which no new stadiums opened
  • Man City led capital spending – £94m on the Etihad and its football academy
  • Total owner investment at both Chelsea and Man City topped £1bn at each since their respective takeovers

The financial figures for Arsenal in 2013-14 are set out below. All details from the published annual reports at Companies House.

Turnover 4th highest in league, £304m (up from £283m in 2013)

Gate and matchday income £100m

TV and broadcasting £121m

Retail £18m

Commercial £59m

Property development £3m

Player trading £0.5m

Wage bill 4th highest, £166m (up from £154m)

Wages as proportion of turnover 55%

Profit before tax £5m (down from £7m)

Net debt £33m

Interest payable £14m

Highest-paid director Ivan Gazidis £2.191m