Alexis Sanchez on joining Arsenal
Alexis happy at Arsenal and with life in London

Alexis Sanchez has revealed in an interview with Chilean daily La Tercera that he is happy at Arsenal, but still coming to terms with learning English.

Alexis has reflected on a year that began as a Barcelona player, taking part in the World Cup in Brazil for Chile and his big money move to Arsenal.

The year has ended with Alexis having to play in the hectic Christmas schedule of fixtures rather than starting a mid-winter break as he enjoyed in Spain and Italy.

Sanchez is also settling into life in London and trying to get to grips with learning how to speak English.

“I think it has been a good year, with more positives than negatives”, said Alexis.

“Every year I focus on the good stuff, the happy things. And up to now, every year has been a good one, clearly with some better than others.”

“But the most important thing is what is yet to come and to try to continue learning and improving, because that’s the only way to progress.”

“The hardest thing was going out (from the World Cup) to Brazil.”

“We were so close, then nothing. It would have been a dream… and what could have happened if we’d won that game?”

“How far could we have got? We’ll never know!”

On already being labelled as the key player and star of the Arsenal team, Alexis added

“Being ‘the star’ is all relative, I don’t agree [that I am].”

“We have a squad with lots of great players, world-class ones, World Cup winners with Germany and other players who play for England or France.”

“In this group I’m just another player.”

“I’ve been lucky to start well but you don’t give the book a title until you’ve finished writing it.”

On moving to England from Spain, Alexis went on to say:

“When you take the decision, you have to convince yourself that it’s the best choice.”

“It’s impossible to know what would have happened if you had made another decision. So far, I am happy at Arsenal.”

“I have arrived in a league that I love, my club is fantastic with great teammates, a world-renowned coach who really cares about his players… everyone is great”

“And I’ve recently begun exploring the city more, which is very beautiful and I am enjoying it a lot.”

On trying to learn English, Alexis concluded.

“I’m trying to learn and it’s going alright. In any case, with all the travelling I’ve had to do there has not been much time – we were away a lot on international duty or with the Champions League.”

“But I enjoy learning English, I learnt Italian and now am cracking onto the English.”

“The club is helping me a lot and there are some teammates who speak Spanish or Italian that can help me.”