Arsenal abandon season ticket cup tie surcharge
Arsenal abandon season ticket cup tie surcharge

Arsenal have abandoned plans to add a surcharge for season ticket holders attending the Uefa Champions League last 16 tie with Barcelona at the Emirates Stadium on the 23rd February.

An email was sent to all ‘gold members’ yesterday to inform them that they would have to pay an additional fee of between £16 and £30 to attend the match. With the surcharge to be added to the renewal cost of their 2016/17 season ticket.

It was a decision that was met with anger by Arsenal fans’ groups, who lobbied the club to scrap the surcharge.

Tonight the club sent an email to gold members to confirm that the decision to add the surcharge had been reversed.

The text of the email sent to season ticket holders tonight from the club is below:

Season Tickets Cup Tie Credits 2015/16 – Update

We have listened to our fans and recognise that there is confusion about the basis of our long-standing policy on season ticket charges for our seven cup matches in our season ticket package. We believe that this policy, which last year resulted in a refund to fans and this year would result in a surcharge, is the fairest of the possible alternatives but we accept, on the basis of the reaction to our recent announcement, that we need to improve our supporters’ understanding of how the system works.

It was never our intention that we would upset those fans who are amongst our most loyal supporters. Having listened to feedback, we are announcing on this occasion that we will not ask fans to pay the additional amount due under our season ticket conditions for the game on February 23rd.

We remain of the view that our approach to our season ticket package of 26 games is the fairest it can be and is designed so that our season ticket holders pay the correct price each season for the matches they watch. However, it is clear that our fans have not been fully aware of the fact that even if we do play 26 games in some years they will get a refund, which happened in 2014/15, whilst in other years they will need to pay extra. This is linked to the teams we draw in the cup competitions.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards

The Arsenal Box Office